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Shio ramen

What is Shio? -Our Specialty Ramen-

Shio literally means salt, but shio ramen is not salty ramen. A pinch of shio serves as a catalyst to maximize the flavor of our special broth.

What is Chashu?

Our chashu is often described as “stewed pork” or “thinly sliced pork”, but it does not tell it all. Come and enjoy the rich flavor and indulgent texture of chashu topped on our ramen.

Season it to taste with YuzuKosho

YuzuKosho is a type of seasoning which is made of Yuzu citrus and green chili (kosho generally means pepper but in this case it means green chili for some reasons) and matured. You’ll find it in a small bottle on the table. Add a bit of our selected flavorful YuzuKosho to your Shio ramen. Caution: it is hot.

Tamari shoyu Ramen

What is Tamari-shoyu? It’s black!

DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE COLOR! Shoyu is soy sauce, but our tamari-shoyu is something different; it is more flavorful and not as salty as it may look. Please season it to taste with vinegar.

Toppings on Ramen

Extra noodle
Ajitama (seasoned boiled egg)

What’s the stuff on top?

That’s what we call is Toribushi. If you are familiar with Japanese food, you might think of Katsuobushi, which is known as bonito flakes. Tori (鶏) means chicken. Toribushi is made of chicken, with the traditional technique of making Katsuobushi. It adds a tasty flavor to our ramen.

Soupless "Soup Noodle"

[Soup noodle] – [soup] = ?

Ramen is often described as “soup noodle” but it can be soupless to be ramen. Enjoy our spicy soupless ramen. It is not only mildly hot but also tasty.

Make it a Combo

Make it a combo

Make any ramen a combo with half-size fried rice, Yakimeshi.

Side dishes, Fried dumplings


Enjoy our side dishes that go with ramen.

Bottled Beer (Asahi Super Dry)

Our Shops

Five shops in Osaka

One Shop in Kyoto

Allergenic foods used in Ramen Uroko dishes

Two out of the seven specific ingredients – obligation of indication

Milk Egg Wheat Buck-wheat Peanut Shrimp Crab

Four out of the twenty items addition to the specific ingredients

Abalone Squid Salmon roe Orange Kiwi Beef Walnut
Salmon Mackerel Soybean Chicken Pork Matsutake mushroom Peach
Yam or sweet potate Apple Gelatin Banana Sesame Cashew nut  

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